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Embossing machine of new technology to improve efficiency

Embossing machine embossing is a minor equipment, in the pursuit of high efficiency period, embossing machines also inexhaustible times, open up innovation, research and development of a new generation of active product is to reach high efficiency, good quality avatar occasion pomp.

The embossing machine adopts vacuum tube, the same input power, the use of international industrial band Oscillation Frequency 2712MHz, enter Duty Cycle unchanged, appropriate international standards. Strong-type head, the pressure can be readily adjusted, manipulate the toggle lever to spur the truth, make the average pressure, on and off the bumps, embossing machine severity of head pressure can be arbitrary conditioning in common differences DEPTH welding needs, plus rainwater harvesting on with double springs, ride a special light and the pressure scale, the product can link excellent results, especially suitable for difficult alignment products.

And embossing machine preventing disturb radio installation, with high-frequency and high frequency constant barrier installation, the high-frequency annoy minimum; safe refuge when the installation task when the current load over the limit value, the overload current relay will take the initiative intercept pressure, asylum oscillating tube and rectifier. Spark high degree of active restraining device while being able to prevent improper operation caused by the frequency drift, the electrode and material protection while minimizing the warning lights are made embossing machine of new technology to improve the efficiency of May 20, 2014 warning light.

Embossing machine saving, free from troubling safe asylum installation manipulation will inevitably grow embossing machine has brought earthshaking change the hinterland, and embossing machine is bound to the position occupied cooperation in trial production. Reception yearned to come into collaboration.

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Add:No.68 Yinjiatou 232 Provincial road Chengxihuimin village, Xueyan town, Wujin district,Changzhou,Jiangsu
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