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Embossing machine napkin production of the proper operation

Most people are not very clear on a napkin production process for precautions paper embossed embossing machine installation and operation, the following in-depth analysis with everyone under the napkin embossing machine production how to properly operate. Let me talk about the installation under embossing machine, there are several points in the installation process is that we should pay attention to:

1、Embossing machine should be placed on a flat concrete floor, between the base and the floor plate of the machine with a rubber or wood pad can be stable;

2、Embossing machine equipment must be affixed to the machine after the grounding wire in place to prevent leakage machine;

3、In strict accordance with the instructions on installation and commissioning。

In addition, installed after the embossing machine, the technician can explain to employees what procedure embossing machine should pay attention to what matters, so as to ensure safety in production, improve production efficiency, the main considerations are the following:

1、When workers to operate parts of the body to the drive machine, rotating roller, band saw blade to maintain a certain distance, to prevent rolling stick blade and injured hand to ensure safety;

2、The production process to maintain the integrity of each protective hood is installed and maintained each drive embossing machine or sliding parts of the lubrication;

3、The production process to ensure that all protective hood installation intact, if there is paper stuck on the embossing roller or wool roller, causing damage to the embossed opportunities, there may Ge bad wool roller, to promptly clean up;

4、If using heat setting should be 1 hour before stopping off the heating power, otherwise it will scorch the wool roll. These matters is that we must pay attention to, when if you ignore these problems, such things really happen, it has caused the loss, so we must strictly follow the installation and operating procedures to operate.

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