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Technique of embossing machine

一、 the preparatory work::

1 Embossing roller before use Check the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil at a height of 2/3 the height of the base, when insufficient time to add fuel to be fine oil filtration before injection. It stands next oiling hole # 20 was added pure hydraulic oil, the oil level through the oil benchmark seen, generally applied to two-thirds the height of the lower stands.

2 Check the column shaft lubrication between the guides and timely refueling, in order to maintain good lubrication。

3 Power, will be moved to the vertical position of the operating handle, so that the oil return port is closed, press the button to start the motor, the oil from the pump into the cylinder, piston-driven rise, when the hot plate is closed, the pump continues to supply, the oil pressure rises to desired value (14.5mpa) when you press the stop button to register, the machine in stop packing (ie, timed vulcanized) state, the curing time is reached, move the handle of the plunger decline mold.

4 Hot plate temperature control: rotary Close button sa1, start heating plate, the plate when the temperature reaches a preset value, the heating is automatically stopped. When the temperature is below the set value tablet automatic heating, the temperature is always maintained at the set value.

5 Vulcanizing machine control operation: Press the button to start the motor sb2, AC contactor is energized, pump operation, when the hydraulic pressure reaches the setting value is the AC contactor is disconnected automatically record the start curing time, when the pressure drops the pump motor starts automatically fill pressure to achieve the set curing time, Xiangqi tweet informing the curing time is up, you can open mode, pressing the beep stop button, move the manually operated valve, the plate drops, may be the next cycle.

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Add:No.68 Yinjiatou 232 Provincial road Chengxihuimin village, Xueyan town, Wujin district,Changzhou,Jiangsu
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