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Metal embossing machine embossing machine fabrics new developments

Embossing machine embossing fabric to do, over the years of research inexhaustible, inexhaustible innovation, after all, has a new embossing machine static, that is, having a concavity markings embossing machine. The above will look in detail.

Such embossing machine pressing lines for coil secondary closing cloth, commonly used in the entire volume of the original cloth will Bupi markings repression. On the road using metal pressing cloth embossing machine embossing machine a new dynamic three-roll processing pressure (a low convex mold, two guide rollers and a silicone roll) the style, through synchronous servo motor drives to stop Bupi hot pressing markings. In order to achieve better results repression, the truth of its mandate and wallpaper markings identical repression. After the change of the level of irregularities mold, pipe bender to finish printing the differences markings.

Second, we should disadvantage is the use of frequency control, operating Jiang Dan, we are capable of single or joint (according to customer demand), chilled water cooling for better results. It can be the star of the entire volume Bupi press working lines. After pressure and temperature control can be used to suppress disagreement thickness and strength of the fabric. 

Our confidence in the inexhaustible diligence, the craft will become increasingly ancestors embossing machine, the quality is getting better. Please do care embossing machine.

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Add:No.68 Yinjiatou 232 Provincial road Chengxihuimin village, Xueyan town, Wujin district,Changzhou,Jiangsu
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